About Us

At Greenheart we aim to facilitate the therapeutic aspects of traditional crafts, fostering the connection between children, adults and nature. Our activities support concentration, confidence and team–building.

We fully support the principles of outdoor learning and believe it offers children the chance to learn in a hands-on, practical and interesting way.

‘Children with symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are better able to concentrate after contact with nature ‘(Taylor et al. 2001).

‘Nature helps children develop powers of observation and creativity and instills a sense of peace and being at one with the world’ (Crain 2001).

‘Outdoor environments are important to children’s development of independence and autonomy’ (Bartlett 1996).

Therefore we work in partnership with the principles of the Learning Outside of the Classroom Manifesto and the Growing Schools Initiative. Our projects also facilitate the Eco-schools and Healthy School Criteria.

As a company we are working to limit our own carbon-footprint. We use green energy to run our office, support other social enterprises or cooperatives through our work and use locally sourced, sustainably harvested wood for our projects. We believe in keeping traditional woodland skills alive and use hand tools and traditional techniques whenever possible.

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